WorkFit-S ~ Pre-purchase Q & A’s - Light Duty (LD) or Heavy Duty (HD)?

  • Les Miklos

Light Duty (LD) or Heavy Duty (HD)

The WorkFit-S LD model is usually the better selection when choosing between the   LD  or HD  versions of the WorkFit-S. 

If you have an oversize monitor that is (> 27" or > than 18 lbs), an all-in-one computer or an iMac (which will also require an adapter) order the HD version.

Note that LD versus HD is not a choice between less durable and more durable. Both versions come with Ergotron's  5 year warranty. The difference is in the lift mechanism which is gauged for two different weight ranges. A WorkFit-S HD will not work properly with most standard monitors so normally you should select the LD.


Les Miklos

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