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The healthier, adjustable office. Create ergonomic spaces for better health and productivity. We supply monitor mounts and adjustable computer furniture that place your screen where it’s needed. Shop Now

Stand-up Desks

Stand up for your health! We supply height-adjustable workstations that get you standing more and sitting less. Shop Stand-up Desks


Empower smart learning. Transform classrooms into physically active and digitally connected learning spaces. Manage your school’s technology with charging carts and cabinets; get students active and healthy with mobile standing desks. Shop Now


Supporting care everywhere. We can help your clinic, physician office or hospital improve electronic medical records access: StyleView carts are designed for nurses to expand the reach of care; computer wall mount systems fit most any space, enhancing workflow and care-giving. Shop Now

Wayfinding & Signage

Digital interactive informational signage. We design and fabricate the directory enclosure, purchase the best hardware for the job, program the software, assemble and deploy the directory and monitor, service and support the installation over its full life cycle. Get Quote
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  • Ergonomic Solutions

    Our focus is on supplying equipment that combines ergonomics and productivity in the workplace. 

  • Mounting & Mobility

    Suitable for healthcare, high-tech, government and manufacturing sectors.

  • Workplace Productivity

    Well designed ergonomic solutions improve employee well-being and productivity.

Stand-up Desks

Sit less. Stand more. Feel the difference.

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Mount a monitor, multiple displays, laptop or keyboard.

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LX HD Mounts Pivot - Lucinda Technology Solutions
Quick View
LX HD Mounts Pivot
Regular price $85.00
Neo-Flex Cantilever, UHD - Lucinda Technology Solutions
Quick View
Neo-Flex Cantilever, UHD
Regular price $185.00
Neo-Flex Wall-Mounts, ULD - Lucinda Technology Solutions
Quick View
Neo-Flex Wall-Mounts, ULD
Regular price $24.00
100 Series, single Pivot - Lucinda Technology Solutions
Quick View
100 Series, single Pivot
Regular price $70.00
FX-30 WallMounts - Lucinda Technology Solutions
Quick View
FX-30 WallMounts
Regular price $50.00
200 series Mounts Pivot - Lucinda Technology Solutions
Quick View
200 series Mounts Pivot
Regular price $145.00
100 Series Keyboard Pivot - Lucinda Technology Solutions
Quick View
100 Series Keyboard Pivot
Regular price $110.00


Make your existing computer system into an adjustable workstation.

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The Ergotron Series

Mobile Carts

Audio/visual, computer or laptop carts to suit.

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Media Charging Systems

Store, charge & manage any mobile device.

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Wayfinding & Signage

Digital, interactive signage for your customers.

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Featured Articles


Desk Conversions and Standing Desks

The path from more traditional to more ergonomic is through a re-thinking of the work space. 

 Desk conversion products and standing desks are an important part of the solution. 

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Rethinking Workspaces: Design for Movement & Flexibility

Technology allows us to be more mobile than ever before. So why do we keep sitting around?  Workspace transformation is here: check out http://www.juststand.org

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Working From Home

Full-time or part-time working from home is here to stay !   BUDGET & SPACE - YOUR OFFICE, YOUR WAY.


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