VESA Standard - More Information

VESA Standard - More Information

  • Les Miklos

VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mounting specifications are industry supported specifications for mounting flat panel video displays to third party mounting brackets and arms.

The VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) standard eliminates the considerable expense and complication of producing a unique interface for every different combination of video display and mounting bracket. It is a positive example of how collaboratively agreed standards assist the rapid adoption of new technologies.

There are currently five (5) different mounting standards:

Screen Size: 4 – 7.9″
Display Weight: ≤ 4.4 lbs.(≤ 2 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 20 x 50mm

Screen Size: 8 – 11.9″
Display Weight: ≤ 10 lbs.(≤ 4.5 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 35 x 75mm

Screen Size: 12 – 23.9″
Display Weight: ≤ 30.8 lbs.(≤ 14 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm
This is the most common interface for monitors weighing under 30 lbs (14 kg).

Screen Size: 24 – 30.9″
Display Weight: ≤ 50 lbs.(≤ 23.7 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 100 x 200mm

Screen Size: ≥ 31″
Display Weight: ≤ 250 lbs.(≤ 113.6 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 200mm increments

Screen Size is approximate only. Use Display Weight for choosing a mounting solution. Besides the standardized hole pattern dimension, the hole pattern should be centered on a display’s center of gravity.

VESA compatibility by manufacturer and model.

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