WorkFit-S ~ Pre-purchase Q & A’s - Basic or Worksurface+ model?

WorkFit-S ~ Pre-purchase Q & A’s - Basic or Worksurface+ model?

  • Les Miklos

WorkFit-S, Basic or Worksurface+ package

The Worksurface +  package includes a 27"W  x 9"D keyboard tray and an upper worksurface. This is the most popular choice because of the worksurface and the larger keyboard tray.

The Basic package comes with a 2 part keyboard / mouse tray (mouse tray slides under keyboard tray to right or left side). The keyboard and fully extended mouse tray measure 24" x 8". The upper worksurface is not included in the Basic model but can be purchased later as an accessory.

Basic or Worksurface + packages are available for both the Single and Dual monitor WorkFit-S. If you would like a Dual monitor configuration that accommodates a monitor and a laptop, order a dual monitor WorkFit-S with the conversion kit accessory.


Les Miklos

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