Ergonomics and computing

Ergonomics and computing

  • Les Miklos

The Comfortable Computing Top 10 Tips

1/ Position the top of your monitor screen at eye level. If using bifocals, lower the monitor further and turn screen upward

2/ Tilt your monitor back 10° to 20° to keep the same focal length as your eyes scan from the top to bottom of screen. If using bifocals, use a 30° to 40° angle

3/ Position your monitor no closer than 20" (50 cm) from your eyes. A good rule of thumb is an arm’s length distance. The larger a screen, the more distance you’ll want. With bifocals, the distance should be 16" (40 cm), matching the lenses’ focal length

4/ The top of your keyboard should be level with the height of your elbow

5/ Tilt your keyboard back slightly so that your wrists remain flat

6/ Use a wrist rest so your hands and wrists remain relaxed

7/ Rest your eyes periodically by focusing on an object 20+ feet (6+ m) away

8/ Stand and stretch your back and arms from time to time

9/ Use an easily adjusted chair, display mount and keyboard tray. Change the position of your display and keyboard to accommodate reflexive changes in your posture

10/ Arrange your workstation in a way that allows you to stand periodically while computing

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