WorkFit-S Single LD with Worksurface+

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Product Description

This sit-stand workstation is extraordinarily simple to use. With the push or pull of a hand, you can instantly raise or lower your keyboard and display in one easy motion, yet all the while the system will remain stable throughout your work routine.

Incorporating Ergotron's patented 'Constant Force' technology and covered by a 5 year, no hassle manufacturer's warranty, this is the best product on the market in its category!  

Affordable ergonomics and the best selling sit-stand solution of choice for thousands of users across North America!

Corner Keyboard Tray - Allows keyboard tray to drop below table height in a corner work space. 

Extra Deep Keyboard Tray -  Upgrade your WorkFit-S workstation with an extra-deep tray (11" D) to accommodate ergonomic keyboards and wrist rests. 


 Tall User Kit - Modify a WorkFit-S or WorkFit-A Single Display Workstation to reach the height requirements of taller users (usually 6' 2" +).

Anti-Fatigue MatReduce fatigue so you can stand more: Combine a comfortable and durable mat with a Sit-Stand Workstation so you enjoy even more of the health benefits of standing during your day.

Can I keep my existing monitor?

Use any VESA compliant monitors (up to 24" diagonally).  Verify Monitor Compatibility 

Premium Ergonomics

  • Install keyboard tray at focal distance that is right for you: closer or farther; left, right or centered
  • When sitting, lower your keyboard below desktop height to proper ergonomic position
  • Independent monitor screen adjustment
  • Easily and simultaneously lift keyboard and monitor to your height for unsurpassed comfort
  • Counterbalanced adjustment points using patented Constant Force™ technology allow instantaneous, tool-free re-positioning while you work!

For Computer Users

  • Improve your energy and productivity by standing or sitting as you work, and then switch positions whenever you choose. 
  • Promote fitness and comfort as you compute, reducing potential back and neck pain by adding movement into your work routine in a truly ergonomic workstation
  • Double your view—and move it too! With two monitors you can save time by using multiple applications at once,
  • Burn more calories by choosing to stand for periods of your work-day; periodic standing also promotes greater bone density and better sleep at night. 


The WorkFit-S clamps to the front edge of any worksurface measuring between .5" - 2.4" (1.2-6 cm) thick. Use this checklist to verify how it will integrate with your work area.

1/ Overhead Cabinets -  A cabinet directly above the planned WorkFit-S installation site may present a challenge, depending on cabinet height and depth. The WorkFit-A may be a better alternative but we can help you decide.

2/ Corner workstations -  The WorkFit-S keyboard tray measures 27" (68.5 cm) wide and on curved workstations there may not be enough space for both sides of the tray to clear the sides of the worksurface when seated. You may require a Corner Keyboard Tray. We can help you decide.

3/ Computer located on the floor? If your computer sits on the floor, you may need to order a longer video cable(s) and a longer power cable. If you have 2 monitors be sure to order 2 monitor cables and be sure to specify the correct type (DVI or VGA).

4/ Is your monitor VESA compliant? VESA compliance refers to the 4 screw hole pattern on the back of most monitors. These holes form a 75mm or 100mm square and are required for mounting the monitor to the WorkFit-S. They may be covered by or in use by the existing monitor stand. Some manufacturers of lower cost monitors have started to cut corners and no longer comply with the VESA standard. If you are not certain about your monitor, check here.

Lucinda Technology Solutions has enjoyed a 20 year business relationship with Ergotron.

Here are three reasons why we like Ergotron :

- Constant Force Technology invented and patented by Ergotron

- Ergotron's industry leading 5 year manufacturer's warranty on all sit-stand products

- Ergotron's commitment to innovation ... Ergotron leads, other manufacturer's follow!




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