WorkFit-S  ~  Can I convert a single monitor workstation to a dual?

WorkFit-S ~ Can I convert a single monitor workstation to a dual?

  • Les Miklos

Here is the scenario. You love your WorkFit-S single monitor workstation but are now graduating to the use of a second monitor and wonder if there is a kit that will allow you to convert your WorkFit-S to hold the second monitor. 

You may have noticed that Ergotron has this part called a WorkFit Dual Monitor Kit and are thinking 'can't I just use this conversion kit'?

This is a question that we are often asked. Unfortunately, the answer is no, because it won't work. The dual monitor conversion kit is designed to use with other Ergotron sit-stand products (WorkFit-TL and WorkFit-PD). 

Here are four reasons the single WorkFit-S cannot be converted to a dual:

  • the Constant Force spring mechanism that lifts and lowers the whole workstation is tensioned for the weight of a single monitor and would be overwhelmed by the weight of a second monitor and crossbar.
  • the  second spring responsible for the independent lift / lower adjustment of the monitor would also be overwhelmed for the same reason.
  • the adjustable pivot that holds the monitor on the single monitor WorkFit-S would 'droop' and remain in that position with the extra weight of a second monitor and crossbar.
  • even without these other three reasons there is no safe way to attach the crossbar of the dual monitor workstation to the monitor pivot on the single monitor workstation. 

We recommend recycling your single monitor workstation to a co-worker who does not currently enjoy the benefits of sit-stand work and purchasing a new WorkFit-S + Dual for yourself.

And if you use our installation services to set up your new workstation, we will reconfigure the old workstation for your co-worker at no extra charge! 


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