Worksurface depth for electric standing desks

Worksurface depth for electric standing desks

  • Les Miklos - Lucinda Technology Solutions

Good quality electric standing desks can address a problem found in many North American offices.That problem is the 28" - 30" (71- 76 cm) height of the typical fixed height worksurface. 


For most users this is too high for ergonomically comfortable mouse and keyboard use .The usual solution has been to attach an expensive and cumbersome keyboard arm to the desk to allow for a lower  keyboarding height.


The solution we recommend is to match a deeper 29"- 30" (74 - 66 cm)  worksurface with one of our quality standing desks that lower the worksurface to as little as 23" (58.5 cm) from the floor. 


Place the keyboard and mouse on the worksurface and save the cost of a keyboard arm! And gain a bit of space as well.


For those who still prefer their keyboard arms we can also provide a solution that uses a 24" or smaller worksurface matched to an adjustable Keyboard Arm.


For a longer (and slightly irreverent) discussion about the pros and cons of keyboard arms check out this article.    


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