Are you an 'Innee' or an 'Outee' ?  - Part 1

Are you an 'Innee' or an 'Outee' ? - Part 1

As kids at the swimming pool we  marveled at each other's belly buttons. Some seemed to go in and some seemed to push out.Those were days of wonder when everything was fresh, anything was possible and the summer stretched on endlessly like a dream.

Now we work in offices. Things aren't quite as fresh and summer is nowhere near long enough. But one thing hasn't changed. Some of us are 'innees' and some of us are 'outees'. I'm not suggesting we look too closely at each other's navels. That could lead to misunderstandings. But I am suggesting that people working in offices divide into two camps. The ones who when seated, prefer to sit back from their worksurface and the ones who prefer to sit closer.

Look around your office.  You will see some people using keyboard arms that stick out further and that are set a little lower than the worksurfaces they are attached to. Other people will be seated closer to their desks with their keyboards sitting on their worksurfaces. Now look at your own work area. Are you in the 'outee' camp or the 'innee' camp? 

Les Miklos

Les has many years of experience in the industry and is always willing to help solve your equipment mounting challenges!

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