Dedicated to comfortable and efficient computer use for all. 

in the beginning - back office computer support

When we started our company in the early 1990s, desktop computers were just starting to appear. 

Few users were thinking about ergonomics. People were  learning to use a keyboard and mouse and trying to get their heads around this thing called the internet. 

We supplied and installed the back office computer furniture required to support the major growth in desktop computing. 

ergonomic Computing in the workplace

As the workplace evolved, we shifted our focus from the back office to the front office. 

We provide ergonomic solutions for people who work with computers. 

- standing desks

- sit-stand desk conversions

- multiple monitor configurations

- these are some of the products we offer

Sitting, standing, office spaces, healthcare, manufacturing, everywhere. 

We offer the right advice and the right equipment to get the job done properly! 


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