No workstation, no walls ... no problem!

Ceiling mounted monitors and TV screens are a great way to display information.

We offer a selection of fixed mountand adjustable mountproducts for attaching monitors, TVs and other IT equipment to the ceiling.

Ceiling Mounts - Adjustable

Our selection of adjustable ceiling mount configurations includes single, double and triple articulating models to suit a limitless number of applications.


  • display weight ~ 28 lbs.(12.7 kg)
  • vertical adjustment range ~ 21" (53cm)
  • horizontal adjustment range ~ 21" (53cm)
  • arm swivel ~ 360 degrees
  • screen swivel ~ 180 degrees
  • VESA compliant mounting pattern

Suggested Uses

  • dental offices
  • patient monitoring in healthcare institutions
  • manufacturing operations
  • pick / pack / ship operations


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Ceiling Mounts - Fixed Position

Our functional and attractive selection of fixed mount configurations includes a single display mount and a dual back-to-back display mount that maximizes available space. Mount the displays in portrait or landscape mode and choose from accessories like extensions, shelves and projector ceiling mounts.


  • display size ~ 37" - 70"
  • display weight (single display model)
  • display weight (double display model)

Suggested Uses

  • sports / financial information broadcasts
  • public announcements
  • arrivals / departures
  • conference schedules


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