Desktop Computing

Ergotron desk mounts come in a variety of designs.

…and most models are height adjustable to suit the individual user!

The LX desk mount series

LX deskmount series arms deliver optimal height and positional adjustability to everybody

LX arms come in single monitor, dual monitor and hybrid LCD monitor / notebook models to suit any workplace configuration.

All models ship with 2 mounting solutions - a heavy duty clamp for mounting to an edge and a grommet kit for a more permanent mount.

The attractively priced LX frees up the worksurface and delivers all of the ergonomic benefits for which Ergotron is famous!

Suggested Work Areas:

  • offices
  • swing workspaces
  • customer service


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Multi-Monitor Mounts

Ergotron's multi-monitor mount choices include a range of options.

The original DS series includes 2, 3 and even 4 monitor configurations for specialty applications. It is a fixed height configuration and is well-suited for security monitoring and financial market operations.

The economical Neo-Flex multi arm series includes double monitor and hybrid LCD / notebook configurations. All models are height adjustable through a range of 5" (12.7 cm) to suit all users.

The hybrid LCD / notebook model is particularly useful for temporary office spaces and swing spaces designed to accommodate road warriors, contractors and others who normally use their own notebook computers. Supply a second LCD monitor and watch productivity increase!

The LX Dual, Widescreen and Triple models are Ergotron's premium, multi-monitor desktop product lines. This series can handle widescreen displays up to 24 " (LX Dual), 21" (LX Triple) or 30"(LX Dual Widescreen). Each model is height adjustable through a range of 5" (12.7 cm) and tiltable through a range of 20 degrees, delivering the ultimate in adjustability!

Suggested Application Areas:


  • accounting
  • purchasing
  • graphic design
  • software programming
  • engineering design
  • financial markets monitoring


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