Infection control, a marathon not  a sprint

Micro-organisms thrive on keyboards, scanners and touch screens. 

 Touched by many, cross-contamination is an ever present threat.

Put UVC light to work in your facility with UV-CLEAN 

How UV-CLEAN Devices Work

Targeted UVC LIght

UV-CLEAN  devices uses UV-C light (253.7 nm) to disable pathogens on the target keyboard , mouse, scanner or touch screen after every use.

motion activated

The devices are motion activated and generate a new 5 minute cleaning cycle after every detected use. Automatic stop and re-start after any interruption.


Features include a log of all cleaning cycles for infection control audit.   

 UV-CLEAN, your 24/7 partner in healthcare !

 uvc disinfection helps fight hospital acquired Infections

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are an unfortunate fact of healthcare.

 VRE, MRSA , Covid-19, Norovirus, C.diff  ..... all of these micro-organisms and more are part of the environment.

Deployed properly, low strength UVC light eliminates over 99.99% of pathogens typically found in healthcare settings.

Put UV-CLEAN  products to work for you!

UV-CLEAN   Models 

UVC - Surface Mount

The UVC-SM is free-standing and designed  to sit conveniently over a keyboard or other electronic device.

 Alternately, remove the stand and attach to the top bezel of a touch screen monitor to sanitize the screen surface. 

UVC - Clamp Mount

The UVC-CM model clamps securely to the lower part of a monitor to disinfect the entire keyboard, mouse and worksurface below.

 It is an effective way to sanitize WOWs and other mobile equipment used by multiple users. 

UVC- Stand Alone

The UVC-SA model offers a convenient way to sanitize  mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices. 

Disinfects those everyday used devices that traditional cleaning often overlooks.   

Starting at only CDN $ 499.00

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