Hotelling, Hoteling, Alternative Officing and Hot Desks

Hotelling, Hoteling, Alternative Officing and Hot Desks December 13 2015

Alternative officing,  hotelling, hoteling, hot desks  ….  different names for the same trend. The concept is simple.  Work can be done from home or off-site. Fewer workers on-site at the same time means less office space required and big savings on leases, real estate and furnishings.

Real-estate firms, consulting and technology companies use hotelling extensively and with the popularity of tele-working, hotelling is catching on with other organizations as well.

An Ergotron sit-stand WorkFit-S or WorkFit-A combo workstation is the perfect hotelling solution.

It’s solid, easily movable,  clamps to any worksurface and is ergonomically designed for true sit/stand computing.

Add wireless access, an LCD monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse and your alternative office is wherever you need it to be!

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