Tweaks and Adjustments to WorkFit-S Workstations

Tweaks and Adjustments to WorkFit-S Workstations

  • Les Miklos

Ergotron WorkFit-S workstations are mechanical products which sometimes need minor adjustments to make them work properly. Adjustments may be required for any of these reasons;

  • new monitors have replaced the originals
  • the workstation has been taken over by a new user
  • an older workstation in service for several years
  • the workstation was not properly installed
  • change the viewing angle (dual monitor workstation)
  • the user has a new, larger keyboard/mouse configuration

    New Monitors(s) 

    Newer monitors often weigh significantly less than the ones they are replacing. If the replacement monitor(s) on the workstation will not stay in the desired position and spring to the highest point, the lift spring needs to be loosened.

    Use a long handled 4mm Allen Key (included with installation kit). Insert the key into the socket located under the metal bracket close to the column. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen, clockwise to tighten (for heavier monitors). 

    New User

    Users have different preferences regarding the effort required to raise and lower the workstation.

    Increasing the lift spring tension means less effort to raise the workstation but slightly more effort to lower it.Decreasing the tension makes it a little harder to lift but easier to lower.

    To tweak the tension to the user's preference, remove the plastic cap at the top of the column and turn the bolt several times. Clockwise to increase tension and counter-clockwise to lessen tension.

    Use a wrench and socket (14mm) or an adjustable wrench to make the adjustment. 

    Older Workstation 

    Over time the lift spring may need to be re-tensioned. If the workstation tends to drift down when the user is standing up to work, add more tension by tightening the bolt (clockwise) as described in the section above.

    Workstation Not Properly Installed

    Make the adjustments described above to set monitor lift tension and workstation lift tension. 

    To prevent the monitor(s) from rotating, remove from the interface plate and insert the small stopper screw into the plate. 

    Change Monitor Viewing Angle (Dual Monitor WorkFit-S)

    The monitor viewing can be modified slightly by reversing the orientation of the interface plate holding the monitors to the crosspiece. 

    To tilt the top of the monitors towards the user, position the interface plate with the security thumbscrew facing upward . Reverse the configuration to tilt away from the user.  

     View the Installation Guide

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