With so many electric powered sit / stand desks on the market, making the best choice can be confusing. Here are some guidelines.

  •  Lift Range. Ideally between 23" (58.5 cm) - 48"  (122 cm) as measured from the floor to accommodate tall or short people, standing and sitting.

  • Width. Standard widths range from 42" (107 cm) - 60" (152 cm). If replacing an older workstation ensure that space is available for the replacement.

  • Depth. Standard depths range from 23" (58.5 cm)  - 30" (76 cm).Keep in mind that with a deeper worksurface a separate keyboard arm is usually not required.

  • Weight Capacity. Good quality workstations are rated for 200 lbs (91 kg) or greater lift capacity.

  • Accessory Monitor Arms. Add a monitor arm (single, dual or multi) for 100% adjustment control of your work environment.

  • Keyboard Arms. Often necessary for shallower worksurfaces (24" D) or for work stations with lift range that starts at more than 26" (66 cm) as measured from the floor.

  • Collision Sensing. An important safety feature that stops the lift mechanism when the worksurface encounters an obstruction.

  • Programmable control for pre-setting  worksurface heights is a 'nice to have' feature.