Adjustment Range for Electric Standing Desks

Adjustment Range for Electric Standing Desks

  • Les Miklos

Push a button and an electric standing desk moves up or down. Work sitting or standing. That's amazing!   What else matters? 


Well understanding the importance of  adjustment range matters .. a lot as it turns out.


If the worksurface does not drop low enough, a seated user may need  a separate drop-down keyboard arm to allow her to position her wrists properly in a neutral position with elbows bent at 90 degrees.


The same problem applies if the worksurface isn't high enough for a standing user . Bad wrist ergonomics can lead to painful problems. 


Lucinda Technology workstations all have a minimum adjustment range of 26" (66 cm) which places the worksurface as low as 23" (58 cm) or as high as 49" (124 cm) as measured from the floor. 


Les Miklos

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