Attaching IT Equipment to a Wall

Attaching IT Equipment to a Wall

  • Les Miklos

Consider the safety of people and of equipment when planning a wall-mount installation.There is significant weight and pressure on the attachment point and the consequence of failure is significant. People can be hurt and valuable equipment can be destroyed! Interior walls are usually framed with aluminum or wood studs that support 1/2" thick sheets of drywall. This construction technique is great for separating rooms and for supporting framed windows and doors. It is notadequate for supporting heavy loads and twisting forces generated by articulating keyboard and monitor arms. The drywall sheathing is not up to the job.

Here are the options we recommend.

Good- for single arm, light weight installations use a wall plate, pre-drilled with a hole pattern that matches many Ergotron components. Also includes pre-drilled holes for attaching to the wall surface.

Advantage~ spreads weight load over a wider area and the pre-drilled holes simplify installation of components

Better- for multi-arm, heavier weight installations use a standard wall track that works with Ergotron and other manufacturers' mounting brackets. It is absolutely essential that the installer uses the pre-drilled holes in the centre of the wall track to attach to a wood or strong metal stud in the wall.

Advantage~ spreads weight load over an even greater area and comes in various lengths for mounting multiple componemts.

Best  - a standard wall track attached to a supporting wall-plate which in turn is attached to the wall. This is the ideal solution because it maximizes strength. In new construction, the support plate -plywood or other rigid sheet product- can be attached to the back of the drywall before the wall is finished. Often this is not practical, so the support plate must be attached to the front of the wall.

Advantages~ spreads the load and is customizable to any size
a modular solution because as requirements change, the complete assembly can be easily dismounted and remounted elsewhere
minimal patching required to restore wall surfaces

We supply wall tracks, interface brackets and the expertise to ensure a successful installation!

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