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Video - Sit / Stand at Work - The Uprising ! December 11 2015

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Articles about Health and the Sit - Stand Workplace April 18 2014

This bibliography links to interesting reference articles that talk about the health and productivity benefits of the sit-stand workplace and about ergonomics in general. We will do our best to update it regularly and we encourage our visitors to recommend other interesting articles and to advise us of any broken links!

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Stand Up - Burn Calories! April 23 2012

Burn calories while you work...

Stand Up – Burn Calories! April 23 2012

Sitting Disease March 28 2011

Ergonomics and computing February 21 2011

The Comfortable Computing Top 10 Tips

1/ Position the top of your monitor screen at eye level. If using bifocals, lower the monitor further and turn screen upward

2/ Tilt your monitor back 10° to 20° to keep the same focal length as your eyes scan from the top to bottom of screen. If using bifocals, use a 30° to 40° angle

3/ Position your monitor no closer than 20" (50 cm) from your eyes. A good rule of thumb is an arm’s length distance. The larger a screen, the more distance you’ll want. With bifocals, the distance should be 16" (40 cm), matching the lenses’ focal length

4/ The top of your keyboard should be level with the height of your elbow

5/ Tilt your keyboard back slightly so that your wrists remain flat

6/ Use a wrist rest so your hands and wrists remain relaxed

7/ Rest your eyes periodically by focusing on an object 20+ feet (6+ m) away

8/ Stand and stretch your back and arms from time to time

9/ Use an easily adjusted chair, display mount and keyboard tray. Change the position of your display and keyboard to accommodate reflexive changes in your posture

10/ Arrange your workstation in a way that allows you to stand periodically while computing



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