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Hotelling, Hoteling, Alternative Officing and Hot Desks May 28 2012

Alternative officing,  hotelling, hoteling, hot desks  ….  different names for the same trend. The concept is simple.  Work can be done from home or off-site. Fewer workers on-site at the same time means less office space required and big savings on leases, real estate and furnishings.

Real-estate firms, consulting and technology companies use hotelling extensively and with the popularity of tele-working, hotelling is catching on with other organizations as well.

An Ergotron sit-stand WorkFit-S or WorkFit-A combo workstation is the perfect hotelling solution.

It’s solid, easily movable,  clamps to any worksurface and is ergonomically designed for true sit/stand computing.

Add wireless access, an LCD monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse and your alternative office is wherever you need it to be!

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How To Choose a Desk Mount Solution March 04 2011

Ergotron desk mounts come in a variety of designs.

…and most models are height adjustable to suit the individual user!

Three keyfactors to keep in mind when selecting a desk mount solution:

  • the intended use
  • the number of monitors
  • size of the worksurface
  • required degree of adjustability Some questions to ask and answer:
  • will the deskmount solution be part of a collaborative workspace?
  • does the solution need to accommodate a laptop computer?
  • does the prospective user normally wear bifocal eyeglasses?
  • does the prospective user suffer from neck or other musculo-skeletal problems?

The LX desk mount series

LX deskmount series arms deliver optimal height and positional adjustability to everybody

...including users with bifocal eyeglasses! LX arms come in single monitor, dual monitor and hybrid LCD monitor / notebook models to suit any workplace configuration. All models ship with 2 mounting solutions - a heavy duty clamp for mounting to an edge and a grommet kit for a more permanent mount. The attractively priced LX frees up the worksurface and delivers all of the ergonomic benefits for which Ergotron is famous!

Suggested Work Areas:

  • offices
  • swing workspaces
  • customer service

Multi-Monitor Mounts

Ergotron's multi-monitor mount choices include a range of options.

The original DS series includes 2, 3 and even 4 monitor configurations for specialty applications. It is a fixed height configuration and is well-suited for security monitoring and financial market operations.

The economical Neo-Flex multi arm series includes double monitor and hybrid LCD / notebook configurations. All models are height adjustable through a range of 5" (12.7 cm) to suit all users. The hybrid LCD / notebook model is particularly useful for temporary office spaces and swing spaces designed to accommodate road warriors, contractors and others who normally use their own notebook computers. Supply a second LCD monitor and watch productivity increase! [more]

The LX Dual, Widescreen and Triple models are Ergotron's premium, multi-monitor desktop product lines. This series can handle widescreen displays up to 24 " (LX Dual), 21" (LX Triple) or 30"(LX Dual Widescreen). Each model is height adjustable through a range of 5" (12.7 cm) and tiltable through a range of 20 degrees, delivering the ultimate in adjustability!

Suggested Application Areas:

  • accounting
  • purchasing
  • graphic design
  • software programming
  • engineering design
  • financial markets monitoring


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How To Choose a Wall Mount Solution March 02 2011

Ergotron wall mounts come in a variety of designs.

...and all models are height adjustable to suit every user from the tallest to the shortest!

Three key factors to keep in mind when selecting a wall mount:

  • the intended use
  • the available space
  • the amount and type of traffic in the area
Some questions to ask and answer:
  • will the wall mount be a replacement for a regular workstation?
  • will users be doing lots of keyboard / mouse data entry?
  • will users be seated or standing?
  • is security of equipment and data a primary concern?
  • is the proposed wall mount close to a power source and LAN drop? 

The StyleViewVertical Lift

The StyleView Vertical Lift delivers compact ergonomic features in an extremely low profile.

The keyboard and monitor move up and down together to maintain the correct ergonomic ratio and when not in use, the keyboard can be folded up to reduce the profile to as little as 4" (10.2cm) from the wall. Available in the minimum profile High Traffic model or the Patient Room model which offers keyboard and monitor panning for better patient / caregiver interaction.

Suggested Uses:

  • pre and post surgical
  • charting
  • scheduling
  • patient rooms
  • shared space work areas
  • warehouse operations

The StyleView HD Combo

The HD Combo lifts and lowers so users can work sitting or standing.

The keyboard and monitor move up and down together to maintain correct ergonomic distance and it turns and extends at a touch, for improved interaction with patients. The HD Combo is durable and easy-to-clean and is also available as a kit that includes a CPU holder, hospital wall track, mounting brackets and cable management.

Suggested Uses:

  • patient rooms
  • shared space work areas
  • surgery
  • warehouse and industrial operations

The LX arm

The LX arm offers maximum versatility with independent movement of monitor arm and keyboard arm.

The monitor arm and keyboard arm can be purchased separately or as part of system that includes both arms and a number of useful accessories including CPU holder, wall mount track, interface brackets and cable management. All accessories including a laptop conversion kit can also be purchased separately. With its wide range of height and extension adjustability, the LX is well-suited to multi-user environments where there is a moderate amount of keyboard / mouse data entry and where interaction with others is important.

Suggested Uses:

  • healthcare patient charting
  • customer service
  • automotive repair facilities
  • warehouse / shipping operations


Fixed mounts and 200 series mounts

Fixed mounts are ideal for non-interactive applications and 200 series mounts offer robust, fixed height extension capability.

Suggested Uses:

  • PACS viewing
  • lab and industrial applications
  • order processing
  • limited space applications

How To Choose a Mobile Solution February 25 2011

Ergotron computer carts come in a variety of designs.

...and all models are designed for sit / stand use, allowing the user to move from a sitting to a standing position with ease!

The Work-Fit series

The Work-Fit is a complete sit / stand workstation.

Its large worksurface and height-adjustable keyboard tray and display make computing comfortable for prolonged periods. It is available in single monitor, dual monitor and hybrid LCD and notebook configurations and can be customized with a wide range of accessories.

Suggested Uses:

  • office workstation
  • desk replacement in crowded healthcare environments

The Neo-Flex series

The Neo-Flex is an economical solution when a large worksurface is not required.

Its large worksurface and height-adjustable keyboard tray and display make computing comfortable for prolonged periods. It is available in single monitor, dual monitor and hybrid LCD and notebook configurations and can be customized with a wide range of accessories.

Suggested Uses:

  • small group presentations
  • warehouse & inventory operations
  • healthcare: operating room PACS, EMR charting, emergency department

The StyleView series

The StyleView is Ergotron's flagship cart and is designed for the increasingly complex and diverse requirements of healthcare.

It is available in single monitor, dual monitor and notebook configurations and can be customized with a wide range of accessories.

The StyleView line is differentiated on 3 main dimensions:

  • Power Source - battery powered or wall plug powered
  • Computer Configuration - notebook computer (laptop) or LCD and small form factor CPU combination
  • Function - electronic medical record (EMR) activities or full Patient Healthcare Delivery (PHD) with meds dispensing

Suggested Uses:

  • patient charting
  • meds dispensing
  • patient intake
  • daily teaching rounds

The TeachWell Series series

The TeachWell meets the challenge of bringing new media into the educational environment.

This compact technology hub consolidates an LCD or laptop, portable document/camera visualizer, DVD player, wireless extender, projection device and more onto a single platform. Untether from from a desk or podium and move throughout the classroom or lecture hall. Available in either notebook computer or LCD /small form factor CPU formats and can be accessorised with an optional locking drawer, utility shelf and cable management system.

Suggested Uses:

  • classroom
  • lecture hall
  • interactive seminars / presentations

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Attaching IT Equipment to a Wall February 08 2011

Consider the safety of people and of equipment when planning a wall-mount installation.There is significant weight and pressure on the attachment point and the consequence of failure is significant. People can be hurt and valuable equipment can be destroyed! Interior walls are usually framed with aluminum or wood studs that support 1/2" thick sheets of drywall. This construction technique is great for separating rooms and for supporting framed windows and doors. It is notadequate for supporting heavy loads and twisting forces generated by articulating keyboard and monitor arms. The drywall sheathing is not up to the job.

Here are the options we recommend.

Good- for single arm, light weight installations use a wall plate, pre-drilled with a hole pattern that matches many Ergotron components. Also includes pre-drilled holes for attaching to the wall surface.

Advantage~ spreads weight load over a wider area and the pre-drilled holes simplify installation of components

Better- for multi-arm, heavier weight installations use a standard wall track that works with Ergotron and other manufacturers' mounting brackets. It is absolutely essential that the installer uses the pre-drilled holes in the centre of the wall track to attach to a wood or strong metal stud in the wall.

Advantage~ spreads weight load over an even greater area and comes in various lengths for mounting multiple componemts.

Best  - a standard wall track attached to a supporting wall-plate which in turn is attached to the wall. This is the ideal solution because it maximizes strength. In new construction, the support plate -plywood or other rigid sheet product- can be attached to the back of the drywall before the wall is finished. Often this is not practical, so the support plate must be attached to the front of the wall.

Advantages~ spreads the load and is customizable to any size
a modular solution because as requirements change, the complete assembly can be easily dismounted and remounted elsewhere
minimal patching required to restore wall surfaces

We supply wall tracks, interface brackets and the expertise to ensure a successful installation. Ask about our custom-sized, easy clean, high density polyethelene support plates!

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