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Attaching IT Equipment to a Wall September 18 2017

Consider the safety of people and of equipment when planning a wall-mount installation.There is significant weight and pressure on the attachment point and the consequence of failure is significant. People can be hurt and valuable equipment can be destroyed! Interior walls are usually framed with aluminum or wood studs that support 1/2" thick sheets of drywall. This construction technique is great for separating rooms and for supporting framed windows and doors. It is notadequate for supporting heavy loads and twisting forces generated by articulating keyboard and monitor arms. The drywall sheathing is not up to the job.

Here are the options we recommend.

Good- for single arm, light weight installations use a wall plate, pre-drilled with a hole pattern that matches many Ergotron components. Also includes pre-drilled holes for attaching to the wall surface.

Advantage~ spreads weight load over a wider area and the pre-drilled holes simplify installation of components

Better- for multi-arm, heavier weight installations use a standard wall track that works with Ergotron and other manufacturers' mounting brackets. It is absolutely essential that the installer uses the pre-drilled holes in the centre of the wall track to attach to a wood or strong metal stud in the wall.

Advantage~ spreads weight load over an even greater area and comes in various lengths for mounting multiple componemts.

Best  - a standard wall track attached to a supporting wall-plate which in turn is attached to the wall. This is the ideal solution because it maximizes strength. In new construction, the support plate -plywood or other rigid sheet product- can be attached to the back of the drywall before the wall is finished. Often this is not practical, so the support plate must be attached to the front of the wall.

Advantages~ spreads the load and is customizable to any size
a modular solution because as requirements change, the complete assembly can be easily dismounted and remounted elsewhere
minimal patching required to restore wall surfaces

We supply wall tracks, interface brackets and the expertise to ensure a successful installation!

Get the most from your WorkFit-S Dual workstation September 17 2017

Use two (2) identical make and model screens on your WorkFit-S Dual workstation if possible. That way they will line up perfectly when installed.

If this is not  possible and you have mismatched legacy screens there is a workaround. Order the Tall User Kit which will allow you to adjust the height of the screens independently so that you can line up either the top or the bottom of the screens.

As a bonus, the Tall User Kit will also allow you to tilt the screens independently which is a nice added feature!

WorkFit-S ~ Pre-purchase Q & A’s September 17 2017

Light Duty (LD) or Heavy Duty (HD)

If you have a single monitor, choose between the LD  or HD  version of the WorkFit-S. The LD version is usually the correct choice.

If you have an oversize monitor that is (> 24" or > than 18 lbs), an all-in-one computer or an iMac (which will also require an adapter) order the HD version.

Note that LD versus HDis not a choice between less durable and more durable. Both versions come with Ergotron's  5 year warranty. The difference is in the lift mechanism which is gauged for two different weight ranges. A WorkFit-S HD will not work properly with most standard monitors so normally you should select the LD.

Basic or Plus (+) package

The WorkFit Plus package includes a 27"W  x 9"D keyboard tray and an upper worksurface. This is the most popular choice.

The Basic package comes with a 2 part keyboard / mouse tray (mouse tray slides under keyboard tray to right or left side). The keyboard and fully extended mouse tray measure 24" x 8". The upper worksurface is not includedin the Basic model.

Basic or Plus packages are available for both the Single and Dual monitor WorkFit-S. If you  would like a Dual monitor configuration that accommodates a monitor and a laptop, order a dual monitor WorkFit-S with the conversion kit accessory.

Workspace Checklist

The WorkFit-S clamps to the front edge of any existing worksurface that measures between .5" - 2.4" (1.2-6 cm) thick. Use this checklist to verify how it will integrate with your work area.

1/ Do you have an overhead cabinet(s) above or beside the installation location? A cabinet directly above the planned WorkFit-S installation site maypresent a challenge, depending on cabinet height and depth. The WorkFit-A may be a better alternative but we can help you decide.

2/ Do you work at a corner workstation? When seated, the proper ergonomic position of the keyboard tray should normally be  slightly below the worksurface for most people . The keyboard tray measures 27" (68.5 cm) wide for  the WorkFit-S+ model  and 24" (61 cm) for the WorkFit-S basic model so it is important to ensure there is enough space for both sides of the tray to clear the sides of the worksurface. We can help you do the measurement.

3/ Does your computer sit on the worksurface or the floor? If your computer sits on the floor, you may need to order a longer video cable and a longer power cable. If you have 2 monitors be sure to order 2 monitor cables and be sure to specify the correct type (DVI or SVGA/VGA).

4/ Is your monitor VESA compliant? VESA compliance refers to the 4 screw hole pattern on the back of most monitors. These holes form a 75mm or 100mm square and are required for mounting the monitor to the WorkFit-S. If you can't see them, don't despair.  They are probably there but covered by or in use by the existing monitor stand. Unfortunately however, some manufacturers of lower cost monitors have started to cut corners and no longer comply with the VESA standard. If you are not certain about your monitor, contact us with the make and model and we can help you.

5/ Do you use two(2) 24" monitors? The WorkFit-S Dual workstation is normally rated for a maximum size of two(2) 22" monitors but the Hinged Bow accessory will allow you to accommodate your 24" monitors.

Ceiling Mount - Technical Specifications February 14 2016

Hoteling and Hot Desks December 13 2015

Alternative officing,  hoteling, hot desks  ….  different names for the same trend.

The concept is simple.  Work can be done from home or off-site. Fewer workers on-site at the same time means less office space required and big savings on leases, real estate and furnishings.

Real-estate, consulting and technology companies use hotelling extensively and with the popularity of tele-working, hotelling is catching on with other organizations as well.

An Ergotron sit-stand WorkFit-S+ workstation is the perfect hotelling solution for your company. It clamps to most worksurface and is ergonomically designed to offer full sit/stand computing to all sizes of users. Add wireless access, an LCD monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse and your alternative office is wherever you need it to be!

VESA Standard December 12 2015

VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mounting specifications are industry supported specifications for mounting flat panel video displays to third party mounting brackets and arms.

The VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) standard eliminates the considerable expense and complication of producing a unique interface for every different combination of video display and mounting bracket. It is a positive example of how collaboratively agreed standards assist the rapid adoption of new technologies.

There are currently five (5) different mounting standards:

Screen Size: 4 – 7.9″
Display Weight: ≤ 4.4 lbs.(≤ 2 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 20 x 50mm

Screen Size: 8 – 11.9″
Display Weight: ≤ 10 lbs.(≤ 4.5 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 35 x 75mm

Screen Size: 12 – 22.9″
Display Weight: ≤ 30.8 lbs.(≤ 14 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100mm
This is the most common interface for monitors weighing under 30 lbs (14 kg).

Screen Size: 23 – 30.9″
Display Weight: ≤ 50 lbs.(≤ 23.7 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 100 x 200mm

Screen Size: ≥ 31″
Display Weight: ≤ 250 lbs.(≤ 113.6 kg)
Hole Mount Pattern: 200mm increments

Screen Size is approximate only. Use Display Weight for choosing a mounting solution. Besides the standardized hole pattern dimension, the hole pattern should be centered on a display’s center of gravity.

VESA compatibility by manufacturer and model.

Video - Sit / Stand at Work - The Uprising ! December 11 2015

Lucinda Technology Solutions. Your source for Ergotron sit-stand workstations in Canada.

Constant Force Technology December 01 2015

Adjust with a touch! Experience viewing comfort powered by patented CF™ Technology. Easily position a monitor, TV, keyboard or even an entire workstation exactly where you need it. No matter which way you lift, tilt or turn, the effort remains small with a uniform force applied throughout the range of motion. This innovation was never before attainable from anyone, at any cost.

“This technology is the culmination of years of intense engineering development and understanding our customers’ needs,” said Ergotron’s late founder, Harry Sweere, when CF was first introduced. “The breakthrough design of CF leapfrogs over conventional gas-spring technology commonly used today. CF-based products eliminate the complexities our customers face when confronted with weight/height adjustment challenges.”

The Core of our Products

CF-based products handle a wide range of weights—a CF mount’s capacity can be modified by the simple twist of a screw. This fine-tuning is so easy, young children can perform the task. Any user can upgrade their existing display’s base to a more flexible mount, cart or desk that is embedded with CF Technology. The result will be increased productivity, comfort and wellness.

Articles about Health and the Sit - Stand Workplace April 18 2014

This bibliography links to interesting reference articles that talk about the health and productivity benefits of the sit-stand workplace and about ergonomics in general. We will do our best to update it regularly and we encourage our visitors to recommend other interesting articles and to advise us of any broken links!

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Hotelling, Hoteling, Alternative Officing and Hot Desks May 28 2012

Alternative officing,  hotelling, hoteling, hot desks  ….  different names for the same trend. The concept is simple.  Work can be done from home or off-site. Fewer workers on-site at the same time means less office space required and big savings on leases, real estate and furnishings.

Real-estate firms, consulting and technology companies use hotelling extensively and with the popularity of tele-working, hotelling is catching on with other organizations as well.

An Ergotron sit-stand WorkFit-S or WorkFit-A combo workstation is the perfect hotelling solution.

It’s solid, easily movable,  clamps to any worksurface and is ergonomically designed for true sit/stand computing.

Add wireless access, an LCD monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse and your alternative office is wherever you need it to be!

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